Women Building Bridges

Leadership Team

Beverly HollisterFor more than three decades, Beverly Hollister has passionately pursued health and wellness, successfully producing and marketing several best-selling brands in the direct sales industry.

Senior VP Beverly Hollister was recognized as one of the top ten most influential women in global direct selling in April 2013.

Beverly has been responsible for hundreds of wellness products including core nutrition, targeted nutrition, nutritional weight loss and personal care.  She has launched hundreds of wellness products in major global direct sales markets - US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Russian Federation, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Thailand, Venezuela and New Zealand.  Before joining XANGO, Beverly served as CMO of the Direct Sales Division of one of the largest Nutritional Companies in the world..

Grace DyckIt has been claimed by some scientists, particularly anthropologists and demographers, that peoples of the far North have had to be more inventive in order to survive due to the extremes in temperatures.Perhaps it could even be said that if rugged individualism were to have a geographic epicenter, it would have to be somewhere near the center of the North American continent.Like the city of Winnipeg, for example.
435 miles northeast of the Twin Cities of Minnesota, and over 200 miles from the nearest city of 100,000 or more (Fargo, ND), Winnipeg lies in the center of the vast Canadian prairie.It is flat, and subject to both floods and tornados.The temperature, from the hottest day in the summer to the coldest day in the winter, varies as much as 145 degrees, without taking into account the wind chill factor, which would add another 20 degrees to the cold end.

Would it come as any surprise then, that the hardy people who inhabit this area are independent-minded, self-reliant, and well connected to reality?With conservative values, strong family relationships, and giving and expecting loyalty of each other, they know how to take care of themselves and form strong bonds with each other.They don’t need fancy buzzwords or a lot of letters behind their name to know what works and what doesn’t.Ask one of them what they think and you’re likely to get a straight answer.

Carolyn JohnsonHi. I’m Carolyn Johnson, and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. This is my story.
The Phoenix was a mythological bird that sprang to life anew from the ashes of its former self. The story of the phoenix or its counterparts is found all over the world, and has become a universal symbol of rebirth and renewal. I find irony in the fact that the turning point of my life took place in a city of this name. This is the story of my life and struggles, my fall and recovery. In one aspect or another it is the story of many women, and I believe relating it to you preserves the legacy and benefit of a life that has been worth living, and continues to be so now more than ever.

We are all shaped by early childhood experiences. The abuse of alcohol was a common thread among the adults of my childhood. My father was an alcoholic. Both of my maternal grandfathers were alcoholics and died before I was born. Several members of both of my parents families were alcoholics and, at the least, heavy drinkers. In my teens and early twenties I was a heavy drinker, and this was facilitated by the fact that I had a high tolerance for alcohol and rarely had a hangover. At the age of about 19 my mother warned me that my continued heavy drinking would lead me to a life much like my fathers.