Women Building Bridges


Women Building Bridges: Who We Are

Women Building Bridges is about… creating the Bridge to Your Personal and Business Success for prosperity and abundance.
Prosperity and Abundance…it’s more than money. It’s many, many other things that come under the auspices of prosperity… there is time… love…success… joy… comfort… beauty… wisdom… good health… and money.
In our business Women account for over 80% of Distributors globally according to the most recent DSA numbers – 80% of our business volume. Mentorship, personal coaching, accountability and skill development is key for continual growth.
When we grow as level three leaders as John Maxwell shares: when we analyze our thoughts, beliefs, our words and our actions we change our lives other thousands of others.
When women from all walks of life are successful with XANGO it inspires belief within others. Duplication is key to our business. Belief in yourself, your dream, your compensation, products, and XANGO. The dream, the discipline and the determination… We believe everyone was born for greatness. It is a choice…
Why mentor-ship, personal coaching and accountability?
Skill base development, a spiritual coach, and a business coach are keys for true happiness and long-term enduring success. Aligning our purpose in life with our XANGO business will guarantee success. Those I’ve observed with the most enduring success connect their purpose and passion for life. They mentor and help others find their purpose through XANGO.

What are the best qualities of a personal coach and why do you believe that women need personal coaches?
The best coaches are those that believe in you, inspire you, offer skill development and hold you accountable. Change your thoughts and you change your life. Traditionally if a woman works outside the home and chooses XANGO she will have three (3) full time jobs. 1. Her job (her current work or career), 2. her home, children & family and 3. her XANGO business. A coach helps identify and focus:
1. Belief, your Why and your dream (vision)
2. Ignite determination (plot a business plan)
3. Guide skill development training and learning to obtain success
4. Accountability partner
Join us in this global journey together as we change the world. Namaste!