Women Building Bridges


Galina Ogromnova

Galina Ogromnova500K Select – Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
After birth of my first son I developed psoriasis. The medics did not promise me any hopes of full recovery, therefore I began to seek help amongst people, and in this way in 1993 I became acquainted with network marketing.
I became a client in a company, then in another one. This was up until 1996 when, through meeting many of the leaders, I realized that in this industry one can make money. I was meeting different, strong people from whom I began to learn how to build your downline, how to build relationships and bond your team together. I witnessed many people’s lives change for the better; I heard stories of success of those who were committed to their goals. And my own dreams and new goals began to emerge. Particularly, I had a dream that my husband and I could work together – to be team and soul mates and build our business together. I recognized this possibility in MLM.
At first he viewed my enthusiasm as a chance to solve the problem with the psoriasis, then he began to see it as a hobby, some strange pastime. In 1996 I made the decision to begin working on it seriously – not as a client anymore but as a distributor, and invested $2500 in the product of a company where I had been a client. Oleg was not particularly pleased about that, but I was very determined – I believed in the business.
Two weeks later I experienced a shock – my sponsors left for a more another company. They told me I could follow them if I wanted to. I had $2500 worth of the product on my hands, no experience in sales and no knowledge of the business… In short, I decided to follow them. However, it turned out that I had to invest in the business again (this time $1000); moreover, I was told that if I wanted to get into it seriously, I must go to a seminar, which was a big additional expense. I really have to thank Oleg for understanding and supporting me in these first steps. At the seminar I had a vision and upon my return I changed the rhythm of my life completely.
Three months later Oleg joined me and we began working together and giving it our 100%. In this company we achieved the maximum qualification. Unfortunately our efforts in it were cut short when Russia nearly defaulted on its foreign debts, the company split up and our sponsors went into another business. We followed them.
Fast forward thirty months from 1999 – we had worked at first in Germany, then in Russia, and the results were not satisfying. The problem lay in the company which eventually went bankrupt. We then joined another company, with the goal to wait and decide which way to go towards a more promising future. In this company we achieved outstanding results, namely, fifth cheque in the ratings. However, we were not happy with the financial results (despite the ratings), nor with the founders’ attitude towards the leaders.
In the summer of 2003 it was our destiny again to meet Daniel Laroque. We took the decision to work with him. From a whole downline of 4000 people only three followed us. Working with Daniel, in 2009 our team already boasted several millionaires. And it was in 2009 when Daniel Laroque recommended to us XANGO!!! We took the chance, knowing that we would incur losses, which did happen, however Daniel was right – XANGO is the best choice!!!

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