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Beverly Hollister, Senior VP of Xango visits with Millionaire Club Members Carolyn Johnson, Grace Dyck, Barbara King-Schmidt and Betty Quattlebaum as they share their stories and their hearts concerning the many roles women play in today's rapidly changing world.


1 Pack of 10 $27.50 ($2.75 ea.)
2 - 4 packs of 10 ($2.50 ea.)
5 - 9 packs of 10 ($2.25 ea.)
10 - 15 packs of 10 ($2.05 ea.)


WBB Events Package
Complete package for running a WBB event. Overview of the sessions, Budget, Agenda, Volunteer needs and set up. The PowerPoint presentation can be personalized.
Price: $39.99


D.A.F.T. Individual Test
Take your own personality test online and find out if you are a: Doer, Actor, Thinker or Friend. Understand others by understanding yourself.
Price: $9.99


D.A.F.T. Group Seminar
PowerPoint for conducting a seminar to help others identify their personality type to boost leadership skills in business & life.
Price: $24.99