Women Building Bridges


2013 Convention Workshop: Own Your Personal Story

Grace DyckDo you ever wonder what to say when someone says “What do you do?”

Do you think someone else’s story sounds so much more interesting than yours?

Everyone ‘s life tells a story. This workshop will teach you how to share your own story. The “branding” of you!  The compelling parts  of your experience that will help you share with passion.

Join us to learn the basics! The foundational pieces,and the power of your own story. You will learn the 3 minute, 10 min. and 30 min version that you can share with others.

About Grace Dyck

Looking for an opportunity to create additional income, while being a stay-at-home mom in the early 90’s, Grace Dyck seized an opportunity with a network marketing organization and proceeded to climb through the ranks to build a large business from her kitchen table.  Grace quickly found out that this industry afforded her the opportunity to be at home with her children while creating a life offering limitless time and financial freedom for herself, her family, and the people she loved and cared about.  Grace became a student of the network marketing industry and has enjoyed many “firsts” since those early days, like buying her first BMW and traveling the world with family and friends!  She was part of the advisory board for her company and enjoyed the personal and entrepreneurial experience she received from doing so.

After taking a short time away from the industry Grace became a business coach.  But with her outgoing personality and spirit, Grace soon found that “home” for her is the industry she lives in today...Network Marketing! 

Today, her husband Bob, has retired from his previous business and together they are building a massive organization in XANGO!  Grace still hosts her weekly “CEO of your Kitchen Table” meetings and calls that are now called “The Boardroom Meetings” to distributors from around North America. 

Grace was one of five women that had a vision for creating a program for women and became one of 3 founders for an organization called “Women Building Bridges” that has already had 17 worldwide events in the two years since the program was started.

Grace, and her husband Bob, have three married children and seven grandchildren.  They are enjoying a lifestyle that includes time with their families, world travel and lots of golf time together.  A gourmet cook, they love to entertain their friends, family and their XANGO partners. 

Together Bob and Grace are committed to helping others achieve their dreams and goals and find themselves free, as they once did, of the belief that there are no choices in our lives but the ones we have learned to become content with.