Women Building Bridges


Women Building Bridges in France

The Women Building Bridges organized in the South of France was a triumph. 20K Mado Gastaud and Premier Beatrice Doyer’s diligent planning created a productive convergence of Distributors—both women and men—and wise leaders from XANGO corporate. Sr. VP Beverly Hollister, VP Comms EU, CIS, Africa & Oceania Isabelle Laroque and 200K Carolyn Johnson led discussions that answered questions from new sign-ups all the way to long-time leaders.


Aix-en-Provence was a beautiful backdrop for 130 Distributors from multiple organizations. The careful promotion of the event even brought in Distributors lacking upline support.

Isabelle spoke about her 8 years as a Distributor before moving to the corporate side, stressing the importance of setting goals and committing to their achievement. Networking gives an unprecedented amount of self-determination to each Distributor, so the only thing that can limit us is ourselves.

Carolyn, translated by Washington, DC native and member of her downline 5K Florence Hamel, spoke brilliantly about women’s empowerment. The women of XANGO are irreplaceable. They will lead the charge in 2012 and beyond. Gentlemen, kindly follow their lead or get out of the way….

Beatrice introduced Beverly, who led powerfully. We are human, she said, and we are prone to complaining and blaming others when things go wrong. But that’s not the way to success. Goals are accomplished through flexibility, adaptability and confidence. That’s how the Founders have thrived in the face of countless obstacles, and that’s how each and every Distributor can achieve their dreams with XANGO.

An emotional, invigorating meeting—the kind that puts the future into sharp focus. Ladies (and gentlemen), start your engines!

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