Women Building Bridges


Wome Building Bridges in Antwerpen, Belgium

The first 2012 Women Building Bridges event for Europe was organized in Antwerpen, Belgium, by 20K Christel Lambrechts.

Christel was supported by our dear friends 100Ks Chris Smet, Kathy Meiressone, and Danny Wanzeele who promoted this event in other markets outside Belgium.

Special guests from Portugal, 100Ks Monica Bastos & Luis Ludovino, 20K Brigitte Hendriks from the Netherlands and 200K Carolyn Johnson from the USA were present to support and participate in this event, and we were very honored to have Beverly Hollister with us as well.


Despite the cold, snowy weather, about 100 Distributors and guests were present, mainly from Belgium, but also from the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, Latvia and Poland. One woman drove with her daughter from Poland to Antwerpen, leaving at 7 a.m. the day before the event to arrive at 10 p.m. that night. A great example of commitment and dedication!

The Belgian women leaders gave very interesting speeches, giving their own testimonials and describing how they came to the business, as mothers, wives, and women.

Carolyn Johnson captivated the audience with her financial wisdom, talking about her background in the corporate industry before she found success in network marketing. Her success, she said, has come from her mentor, from XANGO’s products and comp plan, and from her own strong will to succeed.

I shared with the crowd my own experience as a former Distributor leader in companies in Europe and CIS, and I spoke of the difficulty women have in reconciling our professional lives with our private lives, and of the feeling of guilt we often have. But I also know now how grateful my children are for the life they have, thanks to a business that allows all of us to achieve financial freedom.

Beverly shared her wisdom and explained the purpose of Women Building Bridges events. They offer mentorship, something women often lack. They teach accountability—taking control and not being victims. They give the opportunity to coach and be coached in successful business practices. And they offer valuable skill development. Beverly also pointed the crowd to Aaron’s blog post from a couple of months ago about the impact that women will have in business decisions globally in the years to come.

Another WBB global event May 18–20 in Carefree, Arizona will provide spiritual, mental, educational and nutritional food for all. After this meeting, I urge everyone who can make it, both men and women, to attend.

A huge “thanks!” to everyone involved for making this a wonderful, powerful training!

*Women Building Bridges is a collaborative relationship between XANGO corporate and the field, with the program being driven through distributors.  Since January 2011, 12 WBB events have taken place in Virginia, California (2), Arizona, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belgium, France, and several more are scheduled for 2012. WBB is International and men and women everywhere are learning in a way that only women can articulate to each other.

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