Women Building Bridges


Women Building Bridges in Moscow

Moscow’s Women Building Bridges event began with a very nice lunch organized by the local women leaders from Moscow and other nearby cities. The gratitude and respect they paid to Sr. VP of Business Beverly Hollister was both beautiful and deserved. XANGO Founders Gordon Morton and Joe Morton were with us, as well as President of XANGO CIS, EU & South Africa Dany Laroque who arrived fresh from Yekaterinburg with 500K Select Oleg Ogromnov.


When the main meeting began, the room was packed to hear from 100K Select Natalia Schmidt, 100K Select Gulnara Kabidenova, 200K Select Svetlana Loserovich, and 200K Select Elena Gulevskaya. Following their remarks, our event host, 500K Select Galina Ogromnova, took the stage to tell her story. The audience loved it as she described the days when she couldn’t walk around with 100 chickens, 2 pigs, 2 cows, 16 rabbits, and a sheep following her. She had to wake up at 5 a.m. to feed them, and it wasn’t quite the life of her dreams. Finally, she decided that the animals would follow her agenda, and she trained her dog to look after them…. That was the beginning of her first network!

Galina introduced the crowd to Roza Sabitova, host of a popular Russian TV show, best-selling author and psychologist, and known for her work with professional women. Roza is very energetic and she represented the many women in Russia who work so hard to care for their children without a husband in the home. The audience embraced her words gladly.

I was given a very heartfelt welcome to the stage from my good friends. It was very touching to have these 100K, 200K and 500K women bring me to the stage with their sweet words of gratitude. It reminded me of my own gratitude for the Women Building Bridges project which is doing so much for women the world over. We will continue to do more and more to build up women and give them the strength they need to be successful.

Beverly concluded the meeting with a wonderful training that honored both men and women. Her belief, and her detectable “why” are infectious. Her love for the audience was apparent, and the crowd felt it.

The next crowd to join us will be in Kyiv on October 23!

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