Women Building Bridges


Women Building Bridges in Almaty

The day after hosting a XANGO opportunity meeting with 800 in attendance, Almaty, Kazakhstan held a WBB event that drew a crowd of 400. It started with a lovely lunch for women leaders 20K and above. They ate together with XANGO Sr. VP of Business Beverly Hollister, Founders Joe and Gordon Morton, VP of Distributor Relations & PR for EU, CIS & South Africa Isabelle Laroque, President of XANGO CIS, EU & South AfricaDany Laroque 500K Select Oleg Ogromnov and 200K Select Vladimir Mikheshkin.


The afternoon started with 200K Select Marina Matytsina giving a strong message about successful women worldwide, women who refused to bow to fears and excuses. She introduced Beverly Hollister to inspire and train, sharing tools to help women and men be more self-confident, and to remember that to “believe” means to “be loved.”

I had the opportunity of sharing my personal story with the attendees: my time as a distributor, and the life-changing decisions that would follow. Each and every XANGO distributor can make the same decisions and reach their own measure of success. Every day matters. Renew your dreams and be an example of how to live a full and meaningful life for your children.

Almaty’s own 100K Select Gulnara Kabidenova, who was co-hosting the event with Marina Matytsina, gave a powerful speech that listed life’s priorities—family, children, friends, business… and she explained that, “I must love myself, then I will be able to love others.” She shared events from her past where she felt completely incapable of offering help, compared to today, where she feels powerful and has the financial freedom to help her family.

Gulnara called to stage 500K Select Galina Ogromnova, who shared, with passion and power, her background and her story: how she met network marketing, and how the strong belief in this industry has turned into the life she lives with Oleg today. She explained her lifestyle and her choices, her sacrifices made years before, and her children’s gratitude today.

The event ended with recognition and gifts for 10 very special Kazakh women, who are examples for the rest of the group. Beverly and Isabelle also offered gifts to the top women leaders in Kazakhstan, 200K Select Marina Matytsina, 200K Select Liya Orlyanskaya, 100K Select Gulnara Kabidenova, and Premier Select Florida Ligay.

A gift was also offered to Galina Ogromnova 500K who will visit all the cities of the WBB tour in CIS.

Next up, Moscow!

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