Women Building Bridges


Women Building Bridges in Bologna

Bologna was the setting for Italy’s first “Women Building Bridges” XANGO event, hosted by 200K Premier Select Miliça Zekovic. The XANGO men and women of Italy are perfect examples of XANGO resolve, focus, determination and success. (And it wasn’t just for women—EU & CIS Events Manager Laurence Ravel rightly said, “Women Building Bridges is not at all a feminist project, but a human one, a mentoring program.”)


We began the day with a luncheon celebrating the 20Ks and XANGO Premier Women of Italy with heartfelt connections and communication, sharing our vision, dreams, goals, our “why” and the soul of XANGO. After lunch more than 120 gathered as we kicked off the event. Premiers Patricia Salvia, Daiana Torzolini, Suzannah Vlah, and Claudia Ravaschio were our featured Distributor speakers sharing their stories and the importance of training and mentorship. 20K Christel Lambrechts also traveled in from Brussels for the event. Dany Laroque President of EU & CIS, reinforced Miliça’s vision and praised the XANGO women and men who supported this event. The room was unified. Isabelle Laroque, VP of Distributor Communications EU & CIS, was a very successful Distributor when she was a young mom. She shared her struggles as a mom and wife and her growth as a successful Distributor. Her story was timely, powerful and inspiring to all. Laurence Ravel shared her love for our business and seeing the successful growth XANGO Distributors enjoy. The day was the perfect balance of business mentoring, training and inspiring stories of success. Each of these leaders shared tender, heartfelt stories that brought an incredible closeness to the room.

A special thank you to all Italy’s top male leadership that supported this event, like 200K Selects Marco Galbiati, Massimo del Moro and Roberto Cedrini, 100K Paolo Titone, and Premier Select Enrico Errico, as well as Belgium’s 100K Danny Wanzeele. Another thank you to our XANGO EU team: Dany & Isabelle Laroque, Corinne Valensi (marketing manager), Laurence Ravel and Michel Benatar (EU business development manager).

Italy is in good hands and they’re moving forward with great momentum. Can’t wait to see you all again! Go XANGO!

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