Women Building Bridges


Women Building Bridges in Lisbon

A great two days at our Women Building Bridges event in Lisbon, Portugal with hosts 100K Monica Bastos & Luis Ludivino. 200K Miliça Zekovic from Italy and 200K Carolyn Johnson from the U.S. joined as special VIP guest speakers.


XANGO President CIS & EU, Dany Laroque inspired the crowd with leadership wisdom and VP Isabelle Laroque shared her story as a Distributor before accepting her corporate role, focusing on the necessity of taking educated, entrepreneurial risks. Manager Laurence Ravel talked about her love of teamwork and building and I shared our leadership principles (the why and how of our business) with a crowd of 150 on Wednesday evening. Fifty were guests.

Monica translated the entire event. She is brilliant! Laurence assisted Monica with Miliça’s Italian translation. We began the day with a lovely luncheon for the top leaders, followed by an afternoon Q&A session for qualified Distributors where our visiting leaders discussed business principles. The evening was filled with inspiring XANGO business development.

Monica and Luis rolled out the red carpet for all, sharing their passion, love and focus for building their XANGO business. They are thrilled to have the EU leadership that Dany, Isabelle, Corinne, Jason, Michel, Laurence and the team bring.

Fabulous job bringing a united vision of our XANGO Nation to Europe’s first Women Building Bridges Event!

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