Women Building Bridges


Women Building Bridges in Vacouver

Million Dollar Club members & 200Ks Grace & Bob Dyck hosted and orchestrated luncheons, dinners and the Women Building Bridges mentoring event in British Columbia this past weekend. Overlooking the beautiful icy blue Pacific Ocean was the perfect setting to kick off the weekend events.


Friday’s delicious luncheon was at the famous “Boathouse” in White Rock, BC Canada. Friday evening’s exclusive dinner was for leaders and newly qualified 5Ks. Our dinner was in a private room at a lovely country club—an evening of building relationships for our XANGO women by sharing our dreams and imagining our future with XANGO. During the evening, our waiter jumped in and started sharing his story—he wanted to be a part of our community! It was a night of laughter, tears, and loving and celebrating our XANGO lives.

Saturday’s meetings began at 9:30 a.m. with MDC members & 200Ks Betty Quattlebaum, Barbara King-Schmidt, Carolyn Johnson and Grace Dyck inspiring the audience with great heart-to-heart wisdom, knowledge and skill development. Your dream, belief, inspiration, focus, mentorship, accountability, skill development and making money were the highlights. Singer and songwriter, Jaralin Detienne, performed the song “Belief” at the close of our day, which moved so many to tears. It was the perfect tribute to all XANGO men and women who are building bridges through personal development and leadership.

This is the story of six powerful women leaders who chose to unify their skills to mentor and inspire other XANGO women and men in the US and Canada.

We envision many thousands of men and women enjoying all the abundance they were created for as well as the realization of the amazing choices our XANGO business offers them and their families. For future mentoring and events go to: www.womenbuidlingbridges.com, to be updated by April 2011.

Grace and her team sold out the event—over 200 in attendance, with 30% of them men and 20% of them visitors! They kept adding tables until we could barely move through the room. Not even a snowstorm could keep guests away! We had one Distributor that began her trip to the airport at 4:00 a.m., sat on the runway for 6 hours because of the snow, and finally joined our meeting at noon. Love the hunger! Many cross-lines attended, as well as new emerging leaders’ groups: 5K Godfrey Chan’s Chinese group, 20K Drew Pretty’s new group of young men, and 20K Trish Ryan and her team members. Our Distributors stayed to visit until after 6:00 p.m., despite the weather.

The Women Building Bridges mentoring events are a galvanizing success for the women of XANGO. I extend my gratitude and appreciation to all our XANGO Nation who supported and participated in our amazing weekend.

Leaders in support:
100K Janis Brown
100K Carmen Friesen
100K Joan Pretty
Premier Ron and Maggie Gale
Premier Shirley and Glen Hut
Premier Sonya Taylor
Premier Connie To

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