Women Building Bridges


Women Building Bridges in Sacramento

It was like a second gold rush in Sacramento with the buzzing XANGO excitement…. Million Dollar Club Members & 200Ks Candy & Jim Webb hosted XANGO’s “Women Building Bridges “ event on Saturday, February 5, in the great capital city of California.

This was the fourth event to inspire the women of XANGO with vision, dreams, belief, mentorship and skill development.


Women leaders Candy Webb, Grace Dyck, Carolyn Johnson and Barbara King-Schmidt inspired and mentored our XANGO Nation. What do they have in common? They believe in your potential and greatness, they’re all Million Dollar Club earners and 200Ks… and they all began their XANGO business in their 50s! Nowhere in corporate America would that be possible!

Love that the impossible becomes possible with XANGO!

The room was filled for the full day training and luncheon.

Below are a few comments from the day:

“Just spent a fabulous day soaking up the awesomeness of Beverly Hollister, Barbara King-Schmidt, Carolyn Johnson, Candy Webb and Grace Dyck. There was laughter, tears, duhs and head nods galore. I feel uplifted, powerful and unstoppable! In a word the day was stellar!

An intimate gathering with 5 beautiful ladies (all members of the Million Dollar Club) and a VP…. Only with XANGO would you have this opportunity and only with XANGO could anyone achieve their same position of income and leadership!”

- Cat Parker

“Such a productive business day with my colleagues….Wisdom & courage from 5 top network marketing women leaders & business owners of the industry today. I feel very fulfilled & strong as a woman, as a business owner & a juggling mom of the 21st century!”

- Kathy Contreras

“I am excited for what the future has in store. 2011 is the year of XANGO women! These women are truly an inspiration and, best of all, they are here to help us spread the goodness of XANGO and bless others!”
- Lizette Sandoval

“What an amazing experience! Wow! I have truly been inspired! It’s our year ladies—let’s do this! Thank you to everyone—you are all really fabulous people. We experienced the Women Building Bridges event in Sacramento, California on February 5, and will never be the same! If you haven’t gotten your tickets for Vancouver, don’t delay.”

- Karen Johnson

“What an amazing day with such powerful and amazing mentors! Thank you so much for sharing your hearts and wisdom with all of us in XANGO Nation.”

- Rachel Capil

“It was just so amazing to be in the room filled with such positive energy! Everyone was there to learn and share, and to cheer each other on. Let’s link arms and take on the year. We’ll make it the best one yet.”

- Barbara King-Schmidt

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