Women Building Bridges


Women Building Bridges in Phoenix

Friday, January 28th, we celebrated with our XANGO nation in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. Breathtaking vistas and mountain views and spectacular daytime temperatures of 75 degrees. The “XANGO Women Building Bridges” event began the weekend with a sold out power luncheon of XANGO women leaders and their guests. Over 65 ladies and gentlemen networked, built relationships and were inspired by our speakers at the beautiful Gainey Golf Club in Scottsdale.


Carolyn Johnson, 200K, and the Arizona Team hosted this weekend’s events. We were honored and thrilled to have Monica Bastos, 100K, fly from Portugal along with Isabelle Laroque, VP Eurasia, who both spoke of the global opportunity for XANGO women.

Friday evening the XANGO AZ team orchestrated a team-building gathering at Carolyn Johnson’s home and a lovely dinner at a famous local Italian restaurant. We were driven first-class in the largest, newest white Hummer I have ever seen. In XANGO, “A team that plays together stays together…” It was a night to build and foster new bigger, bolder dreams.

Saturday, January 29th was a full day of training at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort. Our room was packed with close to 150 men and women for the day of skill development training.

It was a great, great “belief-building” and “skill developing” XANGO event.
Leaders are born at events and grow through mentorship and skill development.

“I was absolutely blown away! What a powerful group with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for sharing. I took ten pages of notes and learned a ton! Everyone needs to attend…these gals are on to something…”
-Tommy Johnson, 200K

“You don’t want to miss this event! Sharon and I attended the women’s event in Phoenix and were blown away as to how great it was. Tremendous knowledge was presented for the women and for the men as well.”
-Tim Filuk, 100K

“What a powerful and inspirational weekend it was for all of the men and women who participated. I was so impressed with the dedication and commitment of 200Ks and Million Dollar Club members Carolyn, Grace, Betty and Barbara to the women in the field. They truly care about the success of each one of them and that message came across in each of their presentations. All who attended left feeling like they were important and that they could do anything they wanted with their lives.

I was so humbled by the dedication and sacrifices that some of the women made to attend this event. There were attendees from New Hampshire, Virginia, Washington DC, Nebraska, and South Dakota. There were even two women who had driven all the way from Canada. It had taken them almost 3 days to get there and to be a part of this event. They were truly rejuvenated and left feeling excited about their future and about XANGO. TJ Schiess did a wonderful job representing corporate from a male perspective and helping the women to know how committed XANGO is to each of them. I believe that these Women’s events make a very big difference to the men and women in the field and I was honored to have been a part of it.”
- Leslie Gallacher

Leaders in attendance:
Tommy & Lindsey Johnson, 200K
Eileen Cohen, 100K
Tim & Sharon Filuk, 100K
Gina Jurewicz, 100K
Monica Bastos, 100K, Portugal
Kathy Kalos, Premier
Debbie Lumby, Premier
Melissa Martinez & Ryan Taft, Premier
Cindy Samuelson, Premier
Isabelle Laroque, VP Eurasia

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