Women Building Bridges


Women Building Bridges in Virginia

XANGO Women Building Bridges for Success kicked off with our Networking Luncheon Friday, January 7, at the Old Dominion Country Club. It was hosted by Million Dollar Club member & 200K Betty Quattlebaum.
We shared our why and purpose for these weekends of training and networked, building great relationships.

Friday night the Success Host Team joined us for a dinner and a night of sharing and unity.
Saturday morning, our XANGO Virginia Distributors braved the winter snow for Building Bridges for Success, hosted again by Betty Quattlebaum with a training by fellow 200Ks and Million Dollar Club Members Carolyn Johnson, Grace Dyck , Barbara King Schmidt, as well as myself.

These women have a passion and drive to help teach and develop women throughout XANGO to take control of their personal success and financial futures. Their wisdom shone in a wide variety of important presentations. The training covered all of the following areas:

“Aligning your Why and Purpose,” “Success Leaves Clues,” “Discovering your Best Self,” “How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself” (a personality test to identify four personality profiles: The Doer, The Actor, The Friend and The Thinker—using all these personalities to build a healthy XANGO business), “The Dream, The Discipline, The Determination and the statistics for women today,” “Making the Decision,” “Accountability,” and “Money-Money-Money.”

We loved having our smart XANGO male leaders there learning, participating and supporting their organizations of women for this full day of focused success training. Successful businesswomen in the area joined the day of inspiration, learning and recruitment. Many drove long distances braving the East Coast storms! XANGO Premiers Bill Moss and Mike Byers were there with their team and guests. Many 20Ks, 5Ks and 1Ks joined with their new goals and growth plan for 2011.

Accountability partners and XANGO’s Leadership Development Team extended Accountability Leadership Development Mentorship for focused follow-up and business growth. A leader knows the way, shows the way and goes the way….
Go to womenbuildingbridges.com to join us for future events.

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