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The Women Building Bridges organized in the South of France was a triumph. 20K Mado Gastaud and Premier Beatrice Doyer’s diligent planning created a productive convergence of Distributors—both women and men—and wise leaders from XANGO corporate. Sr. VP Beverly Hollister, VP Comms EU, CIS, Africa & Oceania Isabelle Laroque and 200K Carolyn Johnson led discussions that answered questions from new sign-ups all the way to long-time leaders.

The first 2012 Women Building Bridges event for Europe was organized in Antwerpen, Belgium, by 20K Christel Lambrechts.

Christel was supported by our dear friends 100Ks Chris Smet, Kathy Meiressone, and Danny Wanzeele who promoted this event in other markets outside Belgium.

Special guests from Portugal, 100Ks Monica Bastos & Luis Ludovino, 20K Brigitte Hendriks from the Netherlands and 200K Carolyn Johnson from the USA were present to support and participate in this event, and we were very honored to have Beverly Hollister with us as well.

This Women Building Bridges event began within the warm confines of a restaurant for a nice opening lunch. Our local Ukrainian leadership put it together in honor of our visit, and their wonderful spirit of gratitude and kindness was very welcome!

With such a great prelude, our meeting started on the front foot with very positive energy. The presence of 500K Select Oleg Ogromnov, 200K Select Sergey Savich and Vadim Smirnov added some always-appreciated male perspective, as well.

Moscow’s Women Building Bridges event began with a very nice lunch organized by the local women leaders from Moscow and other nearby cities. The gratitude and respect they paid to Sr. VP of Business Beverly Hollister was both beautiful and deserved. XANGO Founders Gordon Morton and Joe Morton were with us, as well as President of XANGO CIS, EU & South Africa Dany Laroque who arrived fresh from Yekaterinburg with 500K Select Oleg Ogromnov.

The day after hosting a XANGO opportunity meeting with 800 in attendance, Almaty, Kazakhstan held a WBB event that drew a crowd of 400. It started with a lovely lunch for women leaders 20K and above. They ate together with XANGO Sr. VP of Business Beverly Hollister, Founders Joe and Gordon Morton, VP of Distributor Relations & PR for EU, CIS & South Africa Isabelle Laroque, President of XANGO CIS, EU & South AfricaDany Laroque 500K Select Oleg Ogromnov and 200K Select Vladimir Mikheshkin.

Bologna was the setting for Italy’s first “Women Building Bridges” XANGO event, hosted by 200K Premier Select Miliça Zekovic. The XANGO men and women of Italy are perfect examples of XANGO resolve, focus, determination and success. (And it wasn’t just for women—EU & CIS Events Manager Laurence Ravel rightly said, “Women Building Bridges is not at all a feminist project, but a human one, a mentoring program.”)

A great two days at our Women Building Bridges event in Lisbon, Portugal with hosts 100K Monica Bastos & Luis Ludivino. 200K Miliça Zekovic from Italy and 200K Carolyn Johnson from the U.S. joined as special VIP guest speakers.

Million Dollar Club members & 200Ks Grace & Bob Dyck hosted and orchestrated luncheons, dinners and the Women Building Bridges mentoring event in British Columbia this past weekend. Overlooking the beautiful icy blue Pacific Ocean was the perfect setting to kick off the weekend events.

It was like a second gold rush in Sacramento with the buzzing XANGO excitement…. Million Dollar Club Members & 200Ks Candy & Jim Webb hosted XANGO’s “Women Building Bridges “ event on Saturday, February 5, in the great capital city of California.

This was the fourth event to inspire the women of XANGO with vision, dreams, belief, mentorship and skill development.

Friday, January 28th, we celebrated with our XANGO nation in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. Breathtaking vistas and mountain views and spectacular daytime temperatures of 75 degrees. The “XANGO Women Building Bridges” event began the weekend with a sold out power luncheon of XANGO women leaders and their guests. Over 65 ladies and gentlemen networked, built relationships and were inspired by our speakers at the beautiful Gainey Golf Club in Scottsdale.

Saturday, January 22 was the second gathering of XANGO’s Women Building Bridges, and it happened at the Montage Laguna Beach—site of the 2011 Elite Summit. Our California hosts were 200K & MDC Members Candy & Jim Webb, who have started this year with big plans for California.

XANGO Women Building Bridges for Success kicked off with our Networking Luncheon Friday, January 7, at the Old Dominion Country Club. It was hosted by Million Dollar Club member & 200K Betty Quattlebaum.
We shared our why and purpose for these weekends of training and networked, building great relationships.