Women Building Bridges


Women Building Bridges
Awards and Recognition

Group Awards


Eligibility:  1K’s to 20K’s
Criteria:   These folks are consistently and actively working their business always treating it like a business.  They are holding home business meetings, inventing creative ways to get people together, stepping up to leadership of themselves and their team.  They take responsibility for organizing meetings and for putting their name on the line to pay the cost for them.  They frequently hold coffee shop meetings, 3 way meetings, Skype meetings, do 3 way calls and whatever else it takes while investing in themselves and their team.  They are just getting started and have a drive for the business.  They are motivated, excited, hungry and ready to rock and roll!

How Chosen: 50K’s and above nominating


Eligibility:  Identified leaders 5K to Premier
Criteria:  These are 5K to Premier distributors who consistently teach and model leadership and business development.  They support their organization through coaching, training, self discipline, personal growth, and performing business income producing activities consistently.  They help you protect your investment.  They are wealth determiners for their team.  They are passionate, big picture, goal oriented people who lift you up and remind you of your “why”.  They are invested in you professionally and emotionally.  They lead by example, teach a duplicable model, are actively working their business, and are students of the business.  They are always appropriate in the moment.

How Chosen: 100K’s and above nominating


Eligibility:  All Distributors
Criteria: “I have a hand and you have another.  Put them together and we have each other”.  “Chance made us friends, choice made us sisters”.  
Who is bridging the gap across lines of sponsorship to share ideas and help others for the benefit of the distributors and XANGO?  Who is partnering with cross line to grow all organizations in the spirit of servant leadership and a unanimous community? Who is reaching out in fellowship, no matter what organization the distributor is in?  Who is working for the greater good of everyone?

How Chosen: 50K’s and above: NOMINATE  up to 3 FROM YOUR GROUP


Eligibility:  All distributors
Criteria:  Who’s business is going global?  Who started in their own back yard and are on purpose to grow internationally?  Who is traveling to other countries to build international business connections outside of the United States?  These are individuals who are reaching out and doing the work … not sending names to upline who may be traveling.  They are in the trenches, investing their time and money to build internationally.

How Chosen: 50K’s and above nominating


Eligibility:  XANGO distributors under age 30
Criteria:  Must be actively, consistently, visibly, and in every way, working the business.  They are on the phone, at coffee shop meetings, on Skype calls, always doing 3 way calls, conducting meetings; trainings and they are actively growing.

How Chosen 50K’s and above nominating